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@ -214,18 +214,15 @@ services.bitcoind = {
If a `secure-node.nix` or `tor-enable.nix` preset is imported in your
configuration or a `tor.enforce` option is explicitly enabled, you also need to
allow remote connections for **every** service which needs to connect to the
remote bitcoind:
```<service>.serviceConfig = {
IPAddressAllow = [ ${services.bitcoind.rpc.address} ];
For each service that connects to bitcoind and has option
`services.<service>.tor.enforce` enabled (either explicitly or by importing
`secure-node.nix` or `enable-tor.nix`), you need to
allow the remote bitcoind connection:
```nix<service>.serviceConfig.IPAddressAllow = [ ${services.bitcoind.rpc.address} ];
> Please note that configuration above applies only if the remote bitcoind **is
> The above configuration is only required if the remote bitcoind **is
> not** accessed via Tor.